At Elevate2 our consultants and employees are empowered to lead, and driven to make a difference. As a company, it is our responsibility to provide the network, support and tools to enable our staff to effectively fulfill their roles and to encourage them to pursue their passions and further their professional careers.

As a growing company, Elevate2 is a consultancy driven by performance and customer service. Work life balance is key to the company and each individual. Projects are run to provide both customer satisfaction and also personal fulfilment, ensuring both client and employee get the most from their roles within the engagement.

There are no fixed paths or specific timescales required to stay at a particular level; rather it is down to the individual’s performance and desire to grow within their career. At Elevate2, we recognise and reward this and ensure you are part of the company and its success.

We have a wide range of diverse clients, from FTSE top 500 to mid-size companies, through to small growing companies and even start-ups. Our experience is across a broad range of industries and sectors, including financial services, retail, mining, insurance, hotel & leisure, technology, telecoms, manufacturing, waste management, legal, interior design and managed services.

If Elevate2 is the type of company you are looking to progress your career with, for more information or just a chat, please feel free to drop us a line on +44 (0) 203 733 2110 or by email at [email protected].


Founder. Chief Executive Officer

Alex has worked within the Business sector during the last 20 years across numerous industries. He has successfully created and built several companies including a technical/finance start-up consultancy, growing to a client base of 200+ companies from initialisation.

With a broad background in numerous sectors within business analysis, Alex has a track-record of creating substantial award-winning transformations and functions as a trusted consultant for businesses looking to achieve a step-change in growth. Alex has gained invaluable experience during several roles as Managing Director, Finance Director and Operations Director.

Alex still holds positions as a non-executive director and business advisor. He has utilised this experience to filter within the consultative area, enabling him to give a clear perspective of client requirements and successful implementation methodologies.


Golf: 0 holes in one throughout his golf career.

Average of 1.3 tube journeys every day.

Taken over 10,000 photos, about 5 are actually good.

23 Michelin star restaurants visited so far.


Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

David Kennett has been working within the technology area for the past 16 years, which began when he set up a small business from home to help people resolve their PC, internet and networking issues. More recently, David’s passion for helping businesses through the effective use of software and technology led him into various ERP sales roles, then with NetSuite – selling accounting, ERP and CRM solutions to companies from a wide range of industries.

Having sold into businesses ranging from Airlines, to Pharmaceutical companies, Advertising Agencies, Manufacturers and everything in between, David has an exceptionally broad range of industry understanding which helps him to formulate solutions that are tailored to his clients’ unique business needs.

With an honest, transparent and professional approach to sales, David focuses on building strong and enduring relationships with clients based on mutual trust. David loves meeting businesses and working with them to surface how they can benefit and derive value from adopting transformational software and technology.

Unashamed techno and gadget geek

Fan of politics, but not of politicians

Enjoys cooking and skiing, but not at the same time

Member of a red wine club and enjoys the odd glass


Chief Operating Officer

Tom has worked for over 18 years in the European IT marketplace. Working in senior management positions covering the fields of operations, marketing, proposition design, service delivery, procurement and bid management.

He started his career working in sales for a small mobile comms technical consultancy before joining NASDAQ listed IT companies. He has held positions leading operational, technical and sales teams in UK, Germany, France and Sweden. Tom has gained a wealth of experience as Managing Director and Commercial Director for large organisations and in the turnaround of acquisitions. As a non-executive Director, he has utilised his experience to support the rapid growth of companies at crucial points in their expansion.

At Elevate2, Tom combines all his experience over the years not only to help the continuous growth of Elevate2, but also as a seasoned advisory for our client base, whether this is for a detailed project, or analysis for Elevate2’s 360 review.

Studied Archaeology, speaks 5 different languages (including Swahili).

Had an original Banksy painting on the wall before he was famous.

Loves cooking but best results come from following the recipe.

Oktoberfest regular, been every year for the last 11 years.


Head of Technical Development

Erlyn earned a degree in Accountancy and started her professional career with Ernst & Young gaining experience in both IT and financial audit. She then joined NetSuite as a Professional Services Consultant and got promoted to a Senior Professional Services Consultant/Consulting Technical Manager role in two years. Erlyn holds NetSuite certifications as an ERP Consultant, Administrator and Financial User. She’s led, mentored, and helped other NetSuite consultants on their projects and customer requirements. She’s also received an award annually during her stay with NetSuite for the quality service she provides to her direct customers.

Her previous audit and NetSuite experience allowed Erlyn to gain a solid understanding of best practices in key business processes from different industries. Being detail-oriented, she enjoys learning about the specific areas of a business process and takes it as a challenge to work out solutions that can cater to customer’s business requirements. Being analytical and having a good working knowledge on technical development, she is also capable of translating business requirements into a technical document designed to bridge the gap between business users and technical developers.

Prefers ice cream over cakes

Enjoys solving puzzles and collecting fountain pens

Loves computers since childhood

Enjoys globetrotting to numerous clients

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