There are various ways to implement projects and various ways to successfully govern them. Classic project management principles, such as Prince2, are a good foundation for rigorous project and program management. However, in reality their practical implementation can be prescriptive and dictatorial. There is very little room to deviate from the plan and they do not take into consideration company differences.

With experience gained over projects ranging from several thousand pounds to several million pounds, Elevate2 has enhanced the classic project management principles and created TaskLite©, a fine-tuned methodology that takes into account project requirements, business type and culture. Whether it is a rigorous large transformation program, a dynamic rapid deployment project, or falls somewhere in between, each engagement will have the right level of control.

TaskLite process benefits:

  • Core project design is not to build an ‘as is’ solution, but to quantify where the client wants to get to and the benefits of the business solution.
  • Focusing on the initial requirements, this process forms part of the proof of concept; in effect it starts the project and the building for the design and configuration. Hence this lowers the subsequent phases and overall project costs, whilst reducing errors and increasing quality.
  • Rapid start to the project, the requirements become the start of the application configuration.
  • Minimises the overall risk to the project.
  • Takes into consideration the human element of the project: client, industry, size of project, requirements, culture of the people and we blend our resource with yours.
  • TaskLite has the flexibility to be open and clear, with direction and milestones paramount to the plan. Any deviation to the project is then easier to manage, cost and implement.

“Whatever the size and nature of your project, we fine-tune our approach to suit your business, culture and requirements, ensuring delivery to time and budget.”

Requirement gathering

Project initiation

Build and communication

Testing and acceptance

Change management

Quality control

Delivery and support


To budget and time

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