SuiteApps can extend NetSuite to fulfil your specific industry and business needs.

Elevate2’s SuiteCloud development team work with you to fully understand your business’s unique requirements and to develop modules within NetSuite that meet those needs. Once implemented, these solutions are sustainable, being easy to maintain and enhance over time. They also follow the upgrade path of NetSuite solutions so there are no future hidden costs.


What is the NetSuite App store?

Sometimes your company may need a specific solution to integrate within your business; a solution that does not form part of any standard software functionality. Here, bespoke solutions are developed within the SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) and are available to all NetSuite users.

Why reinvent the wheel when another partner has already done the hard work? We work closely with NetSuite and other partners to ensure there is no duplication of an idea or solution development. If it does exist, we will manage the integration for you as part of the implementation project.

If they don’t exist, Elevate2 can begin delivering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. These grow your business and build targeted, valuable applications on the only on-demand platform combining accounting / enterprise resource planning (ERP), inventory, customer relationship management (CRM), and ecommerce into a single system.

“We’re passionate about helping successful businesses. Using our expertise, we can help develop or advise which apps are suitable for your business.”

Establish the vision

Set the framework

Understand the solution

Define the strategy

Prepare the business

Own the design

Deliver the solution

Focus on the benefits

Ensure sustainability

listen . transform . together

Find out how your company could benefit from our proven experience and commitment towards creating positive change. We’re great listeners and firmly believe that business and system transformation should be a collaborative process between ourselves and our clients. We can assist you through the full life cycle; from choosing the right software solutions, through to implementation and support.



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