Effective professional services is about having a clear vision and the right tools to bring it to life. Detailed analysis and requirements, a strong business strategy, confident leadership and an organisation ripe for transformational growth are key to ensuring change is executed successfully.

At Elevate2, we provide the expertise, experience and advise at every stage of the process, working collaboratively with you to realise your vision. For us, it’s about knowing where to place the right level of focus in order to transform your business effectively. We don’t like to replace like for like, but improving business processes, client perception and the ability to learn and grow through continuous change are the foundations of our strategy.

Our NetSuite services include:

  • Consultancy: advisory born from experience from multiple ERP implementations.
  • Configuration: we ensure you get the most from NetSuite’s unified business solution tools.
  • Development: we can develop bespoke integrated solutions for specific business requirements.
  • Implementation: acting on our promises and delivering sustainable quality utilising TaskLite.
  • Training: we ensure knowledge transfer throughout the project, and also 1-2-1 training.
  • Support: we will support you through the full project life cycle, and post implementation.

“We take your future ambitions and realise them for you, providing sustainable implementations, knowledge transfer and support along the way.”


Understand your requirements

Analyse and workshop ideas

Review options and alternatives

Design and deliver

Thorough test plans


Support and sustainability

Accountability and guarantees

listen . transform . together

Find out how your company could benefit from our proven experience and commitment towards creating positive change. We’re great listeners and firmly believe that business and system transformation should be a collaborative process between ourselves and our clients. We can assist you through the full life cycle; from choosing the right software solutions, through to implementation and support.



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