Company Review

How do you measure success or failure – and are you measuring the right things?

A surprising number of companies do not run a monthly or regular analysis of their own business. Establishing and identifying any weaknesses can mean the difference between slipping into a quarterly dip, or recognising the need to act before that happens.

We have experienced consultants and non-executive directors who can not only look at the effectiveness of the systems within your business, but also elevate to the bigger picture by looking at your business as a whole. They can interrogate the data that exists to equip you with the ability to read trends clearly and to understand your company statistics and how they interact with market conditions, so you can minimise harmful impacts.

Our ERP review can cover:

  • Elevated company review.
  • Understanding of your key business drivers.
  • Your current ERP implementation and use.
  • Suggestions for optimisation and product enhancements.
  • An evaluation of your system versus your future goals.
  • Specific solution customisation, ideas and advice.
  • Advice on expanding software functionality or products.

“We provide a bespoke review of your company processes and systems. If it’s not performing at its optimum level, we’re here to help you realise its true potential.”

What does the 360° Review cover?

No two businesses are the same and at Elevate2 we understand this. Businesses vary in size, industry, location, culture, people, strategy and requirements. Each unique blend of these components produces an individual company, so there are no generic solutions.

At Elevate2, we review all the relevant business areas with a fresh set of eyes to see how the jigsaw fits together. If there are areas that need focus, these will be highlighted.

Essentially, it is a bespoke review of your company’s specific requirements and focal areas, which can include:

  • Finance: accounts, budget/forecast, analysis, business plan.
  • Operations: services, production, delivery, processes.
  • Sales: customer service, industry, clarity, offerings.
  • Administration: network, systems, support, back office.
  • Human Resources: people, roles, culture, knowledge.
  • Marketing: brand, perception, website, strategy.

listen . transform . together

Find out how your company could benefit from our proven experience and commitment towards creating positive change. We’re great listeners and firmly believe that business and system transformation should be a collaborative process between ourselves and our clients. We can assist you through the full life cycle; from choosing the right software solutions, through to implementation and support.



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