NetSuite are the world’s leading provider of cloud-based business management software. NetSuite helps companies manage core business processes with a unified, fully integrated system covering ERP/financials, CRM, eCommerce, BI and more.

NetSuite is the industry’s first and only Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business software that supports growing companies as well as larger enterprises. NetSuite has the clear advantage of being designed and built from inception as a true cloud solution.

This allows the software to be infinitely flexible and scalable, enabling businesses to grow with the software without degradation in performance, as well as easily adding new users when required and increasing functionality across ‘The Suite’ with ease. This is all delivered across the internet through all browsers and mobile devices.

NetSuite is a service paid for on a clear and manageable yearly subscription basis. There are no other hidden costs; implementations are cost effective and the software is seamlessly upgraded twice a year. This allows your business to concentrate on the benefits NetSuite will functionally deliver, freeing up your IT team from onerous system maintenance.

"NetSuite is the leading unified business solution tool, encompassing ERP/Financials, CRM, eCommerce, BI and more for over 18,000 organisations worldwide.”

As a certified NetSuite partner, all of our consultants are NetSuite Certified ERP Consultants with a solid business background combined with financial and technical knowledge. Elevate2 are the largest London consultancy specialising in NetSuite with clients all over the UK; we believe that by working in close partnership, we can deliver results above and beyond expectations.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


NetSuite OneWorld

NetSuite OpenAir

NetSuite Modules

Business Intelligence (BI)

Professional Services Automation (PSA)



Effective professional services is about having a clear vision and the right tools to bring it to life. Detailed analysis and requirements, a strong business strategy, confident leadership and an organisation ripe for transformational growth are key to ensuring change is executed successfully.

At Elevate2, we provide the expertise, experience and advise at every stage of the process, working collaboratively with you to realise your vision. For us, it’s about knowing where to place the right level of focus in order to transform your business effectively. We don’t like to replace like for like, but improving business processes, client perception and the ability to learn and grow through continuous change are the foundations of our strategy.

Our NetSuite services include:

  • Consultancy: advisory born from experience from multiple ERP implementations.
  • Configuration: we ensure you get the most from NetSuite’s unified business solution tools.
  • Development: we can develop bespoke integrated solutions for specific business requirements.
  • Implementation: acting on our promises and delivering sustainable quality utilising TaskLite.
  • Training: we ensure knowledge transfer throughout the project, and also 1-2-1 training.
  • Support: we will support you through the full project life cycle, and post implementation.

“We take your future ambitions and realise them for you, providing sustainable implementations, knowledge transfer and support along the way.”


Understand your requirements

Analyse and workshop ideas

Review options and alternatives

Design and deliver

Thorough test plans


Support and sustainability

Accountability and guarantees


There are various ways to implement projects and various ways to successfully govern them. Classic project management principles, such as Prince2, are a good foundation for rigorous project and program management. However, in reality their practical implementation can be prescriptive and dictatorial. There is very little room to deviate from the plan and they do not take into consideration company differences.

With experience gained over projects ranging from several thousand pounds to several million pounds, Elevate2 has enhanced the classic project management principles and created TaskLite©, a fine-tuned methodology that takes into account project requirements, business type and culture. Whether it is a rigorous large transformation program, a dynamic rapid deployment project, or falls somewhere in between, each engagement will have the right level of control.

TaskLite process benefits:

  • Core project design is not to build an ‘as is’ solution, but to quantify where the client wants to get to and the benefits of the business solution.
  • Focusing on the initial requirements, this process forms part of the proof of concept; in effect it starts the project and the building for the design and configuration. Hence this lowers the subsequent phases and overall project costs, whilst reducing errors and increasing quality.
  • Rapid start to the project, the requirements become the start of the application configuration.
  • Minimises the overall risk to the project.
  • Takes into consideration the human element of the project: client, industry, size of project, requirements, culture of the people and we blend our resource with yours.
  • TaskLite has the flexibility to be open and clear, with direction and milestones paramount to the plan. Any deviation to the project is then easier to manage, cost and implement.

“Whatever the size and nature of your project, we fine-tune our approach to suit your business, culture and requirements, ensuring delivery to time and budget.”

Requirement gathering

Project initiation

Build and communication

Testing and acceptance

Change management

Quality control

Delivery and support


To budget and time

Company Review

How do you measure success or failure – and are you measuring the right things?

A surprising number of companies do not run a monthly or regular analysis of their own business. Establishing and identifying any weaknesses can mean the difference between slipping into a quarterly dip, or recognising the need to act before that happens.

We have experienced consultants and non-executive directors who can not only look at the effectiveness of the systems within your business, but also elevate to the bigger picture by looking at your business as a whole. They can interrogate the data that exists to equip you with the ability to read trends clearly and to understand your company statistics and how they interact with market conditions, so you can minimise harmful impacts.

Our review can cover:

  • Elevated company review (‘360° Review’).
  • Understanding of your key business drivers.
  • Your current ERP implementation and use.
  • Suggestions for optimisation and product enhancements.
  • An evaluation of your system versus your future goals.
  • Specific solution customisation, ideas and advice.
  • Advice on expanding software functionality or products.

“We provide a bespoke review of your company processes and systems. If it’s not performing at its optimum level, we’re here to help you realise its true potential.”

What does the 360° Review cover?

The Company 360˚ Review is a chance to take a step back and observe your business; to see what’s working brilliantly and what needs focus. Businesses are, by their very nature, dynamic and ever-changing (it’s what makes them so interesting!) and Elevate2 can help you identify the areas of your company which require a different approach or just fine tuning.

Following three distinct stages, our 360˚ Review aims to make your company work more efficiently and more profitably, now and in the future. Elevate2 bring to your business a fresh set of eyes and a raft of experience, highlighting any areas which require attention;

  • Finance: accounts, planning, analysis, reporting.
  • Operations: process, assets, product, delivery.
  • Sales: services, industry, clients, opportunity.
  • Administration: systems, network, support, back office.
  • Human Resources: people, roles, culture, knowledge.
  • Marketing: brand, perception, website, strategy.


SuiteApps can extend NetSuite to fulfil your specific industry and business needs.

Elevate2’s SuiteCloud development team work with you to fully understand your business’s unique requirements and to develop modules within NetSuite that meet those needs. Once implemented, these solutions are sustainable, being easy to maintain and enhance over time. They also follow the upgrade path of NetSuite solutions so there are no future hidden costs.


What is the NetSuite App store?

Sometimes your company may need a specific solution to integrate within your business; a solution that does not form part of any standard software functionality. Here, bespoke solutions are developed within the SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) and are available to all NetSuite users.

Why reinvent the wheel when another partner has already done the hard work? We work closely with NetSuite and other partners to ensure there is no duplication of an idea or solution development. If it does exist, we will manage the integration for you as part of the implementation project.

If they don’t exist, Elevate2 can begin delivering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. These grow your business and build targeted, valuable applications on the only on-demand platform combining accounting / enterprise resource planning (ERP), inventory, customer relationship management (CRM), and ecommerce into a single system.

“We’re passionate about helping successful businesses. Using our expertise, we can help develop or advise which apps are suitable for your business.”

Establish the vision

Set the framework

Understand the solution

Define the strategy

Prepare the business

Own the design

Deliver the solution

Focus on the benefits

Ensure sustainability


Service Desk

Elevate2 have an in-house team of highly-skilled, experienced technical and financial experts. We work closely with yourselves and NetSuite and prioritise timely and accurate responses to fit with your reporting timetable, ensuring that your business critical applications remain fully operational.

We understand that there is nothing more important to you than being able to get the right advice and support on a timely basis. We have a dedicated Service Desk client log-in available, email support and a dedicated phone number to ensure we are at hand to help. We offer several tailored support options to ensure cost efficiency for every client:

  • Gold: First line, full end-to-end managed Help Desk.
  • Silver: Second line support with SLA.
  • Bronze: Ad-hoc support when required.

“We believe in looking after people. They are, after all, the key to your company’s success. We ensure that your implementations are supported and sustainable.”


Businesses rely on the strength of individuals. Balancing the unique skillsets of each employee to match where they sit within a company is critical and key to the company’s long term success. Get this balance right and the rewards are strong; get this wrong and it becomes a problem to resolve.

With our training, we don’t just focus on the technical software know how; we have the experience and ability to open training up to how this fits in with your business. We can offer advice on team balance and skills required for each individual so you are left with a sustainable team that can add real value to your business.



Once you go live with a project, there may be future enhancements required as you grow to fully understand the broad capabilities of the NetSuite business solutions. At Elevate2 we understand that you want to get the best out of your investment and as such, we have the ability to mature the software with your business.

By partnering with our team of NetSuite experts, you can be secure in the knowledge that you are using it to its full potential. You can use us as a dedicated resource to help you solve any issues you may have and help you achieve your wider business goals. That way, you can free up your internal resources and spend more time improving and developing your business.

listen . transform . together

Find out how your company could benefit from our proven experience and commitment towards creating positive change. We’re great listeners and firmly believe that business and system transformation should be a collaborative process between ourselves and our clients. We can assist you through the full life cycle; from choosing the right software solutions, through to implementation and support.



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