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What is SuiteSupport – and are there other NetSuite Support options for users?


With all software systems there will probably come a time when you encounter an issue that you are unable to resolve yourself. NetSuite is an excellent system which is intuitive to use, but at some point, you may need some help. If that happens, NetSuite Support (SuiteSupport) is one avenue you can choose, but it’s not the only option. In this article we look at SuiteSupport, but also some of the alternative options available to you if, or when, you do get stuck.

Before we do, for those of you still considering which ERP solution to go with, it’s worth mentioning a couple of points. Choosing a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and accounting system is not an easy or quick decision – there are many factors to consider when deciding on a vendor. Failure to ask the right questions during the evaluation stage can lead to the wrong choice. Aside from questions over software functionality, future scalability, ease of use, price and so on, a major consideration should also be the level of support offered.

NetSuite is the holy grail of cloud-based ERP systems and fortunately has a support suite to match, ensuring your system remains optimised whilst any questions you have are answered without delay. Earlier this year NetSuite announced some major changes to its support offering, SuiteSupport, which we analyse in this article.



SuiteSupport offers a variety of different support levels including Basic, Premium and Advanced Customer Support (ACS) ensuring you have the right level to meet your individual business requirements.



All customers receive the basic level of support as part of their subscription, which includes:

  • Online support requests through NetSuite’s SuiteAnswers Customer Access Portal
  • Access to NetSuite’s Support User Group


Premium support goes even further providing:

  • Toll-free Technical Centre access
  • Priority queuing
  • Online case responses prioritised by severity
  • Weekend coverage
  • Early notification of new releases
  • Advice and assistance with Oracle NetSuite usage and configuration

Advanced Customer Support

Customers requiring an even greater level of support can take advantage of Advanced Customer Support (ACS). ACS is a more proactive support mechanism and comes in three tiers: Monitor, Optimise and Architect. As you move up the three tiers of ACS, you receive increasingly enhanced levels of support.

Key Benefits Include

  • Maximize the value of your Oracle NetSuite investment.
  • Get responsive results when you need them (no waiting for contracts to be drawn up).
  • Optimize the performance of your solution to its highest capability.
  • Proactive monitoring of your NetSuite solution to mitigate risks and increase performance and ROI.
  • Leverage software releases for maximum functionality.
  • Complete team of platform, solution and development personnel at a fraction of the cost.

(Source: NetSuite)


In addition to the helpdesk support services that NetSuite provide, there are also other resources that you can use to support your organisation’s use of NetSuite:

Partner HelpDesk Support

Organisations like ours can provide tailored support packages that combine our unique business understanding with our expert knowledge of NetSuite, to deliver an unrivalled support service that is personalised to your business needs.

At Elevate2 we offer three tiers of NetSuite support as follows:

Bronze 🥉

Our bronze support is our entry level NetSuite support offering, which is for customers who would like to have a support service available to them when required, on an ad-hoc basis. There is no monthly retainer or Service Level Agreement (SLA), and the time used is paid for on a time and materials basis.

Silver 🥈

Silver support is a step up from our Bronze support plan and is our most popular support level with our customers. It provides a second line support service with an SLA that guarantees response times, for a reasonable monthly retainer. For customers who need peace of mind that their support issues will be resolved as quickly as possible, Elevate2’s Silver NetSuite support plan is ideal.

Gold 🥇

With Gold support, you will benefit from a First Line support service. This allows your users to call us directly, without having to go through any internal triage support process within your organisation, that could serve as a bottleneck and slow down issue resolution when there are critical issues that need to

be resolved. As with the Silver support plan, there is an SLA to guarantee response times, and it is paid for on a monthly retainer.

Resources within the NetSuite user interface


A searchable knowledge portal of support articles, how-to guides, help topics and training videos provided by NetSuite. It provides a wealth of information and is available to all NetSuite customers.

To access the SuiteAnswers site:

  • When Logged into NetSuite, click on the SupportTab.
  • Click on the Go to SuiteAnswers button.


NetSuite Help

This is the help section within NetSuite itself. By clicking the Help button in the upper right section of the NetSuite portal, it will take you to context-sensitive information about the page you are on. Here you will find plenty of useful information about NetSuite and its capabilities. It is a good learning tool too if you have the time to spare!

You can also access the NetSuite help centre using the following link: https://system.eu2.netsuite.com/app/help/helpcenter.nl


The NetSuite User Group

Connect with other NetSuite users within the NetSuite Community at https://usergroup.netsuite.com/. This is a private forum that hosts NetSuite users of all levels including those from the developer community (such as SuiteApps developers and users). This is a great way to explore and share information – even NetSuite Executive Vice President of Development and co-founder Evan Goldberg has been known to engage with fellow users there.


Having a trusted partner who not only offers guidance and leadership throughout the implementation process, but also provides on-going, long-term NetSuite support, is equally as important. At Elevate2 we like to go beyond what you would expect from a traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) model.

To speak with one of our experts about starting your ERP journey, or if you would like to know more about the NetSuite support offerings described above, please get in touch:


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