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Have you outgrown Sage 50?

Sage 50 is a desktop accounting and invoicing software designed to serve small businesses with up to 20 usersIt’s one of the more well-known accounting software products and quite popular. Its advantage lies in its affordability and it serves as a good finance tool if your business is just starting out and you’re working on a restrictive budget. 

However, as with many software products aimed at small businesses, Sage 50 will have a limited shelf life. No business wants to stay small forever, but with growth comes complexity. As you grow, so too will the number of transactions you process; the number of users requiring access to the system; the number of services and items you buy and sell; and so on – all of which can start to put an unbearable strain on Sage 50, until you get to a point where it becomes too problematic and costly to manage.



Whilst Sage 50 has many useful features for small businesses, it does have limitations in key areas which often leaves businesses using workarounds in Excel. Sage 50 has also been known to suffer database corruption when it attempts to process large volumes of data, which can result in downtime whilst your IT department works to recover any lost data and fix the system.


Other growth factors that will cause Sage 50 to falter are:


  • Internal processes becoming more complex
  • You require more advanced Management Reporting and Business Intelligence
  • You need to access data in different locations
  • You need better control over financial periods
  • You need integrated CRM functionality
  • You need to cut down or eradicate high IT/Infrastructure costs
  • You need to consolidate disparate systems
  • You need to track stock in multiple warehouses
  • Dealing in foreign markets requires handling of foreign currencies, taxes and legislation


So, what should you do?
You could upgrade to another version of Sage, but that will require a fresh implementation – and how long will that version of Sage last before you outgrow it?


Consider Moving to NetSuite

NetSuite is designed for high-growth businesses. If your business is growing quickly you need a finance solution that can grow with your business and not creak under the pressure. NetSuite is a highly scalable cloud-based ERP solution that can manage your accounting, procurement, sales, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), marketing, reporting and more.


See more here: Is it time to switch? – 




But doesn’t Sage offer a cloud-based solution?


NetSuite was built to exist in the cloud from day one, whereas Sage 50 has only recently offered a ‘cloud’ version. Even so, it isn’t fully cloud-native, and only one user can access the Sage 50 database in the cloud at a time. It’s a little like the old “read only” mode you get with Excel which locks other users out of a file when you have it open.

Don’t just take our word for it though, many high-profile companies have made the switch from Sage 50 to NetSuite, including Hailo:

“We quickly realised that the Sage and QuickBooks solutions weren’t going to scale with our growth plans, but NetSuite could. NetSuite OneWorld is run entirely in the cloud, just like the rest of our business, making us much more agile and saving us the money and time that would be spent on maintaining hardware and IT specialists. I can rest easy knowing we have a single global system that can rapidly scale up to meet our ambitious growth plans, enabling us to set up and run new subsidiaries in just a few clicks, while also supporting local currencies and complying with financial legislation.”

Nick Lally, Finance Director, Hailo (source Netsuite.com).


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