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A Summary of NetSuite SuiteAnalytics New Capabilities 2018.2

SuiteAnalytics Workbook is probably the feature of NetSuite’s 2018.2 release that is getting everybody talking. NetSuite leads the way in delivering analytics, giving users fantastic insight into the business across all departments. Designed for business people with very little knowledge of database functionality, SuiteAnalytics allows you to gain business insights and create complex queries without having to call upon your IT department.


In this article we will summarise the new capabilities of SuiteAnalytics in version 2018.2 and also point out a few limitations.

SuiteAnalytics Workbook Beta User Benefits

  • Provides the ability to create highly customisable workbooks that combine queries, pivot tables, and charts using a single tool
  • The SuiteAnalytics Workbook user interface has been designed so that users with limited knowledge of record schemas and query language can still create complex workbooks through actions such as drag and drop editing
  • Has an intuitive design to ensure that fields are consistently exposed in SuiteAnalytics Workbook, with consistent results in all workbooks
  • Allows creation of custom formula fields so users can create and add fields with dynamically calculated values to workbooks
  • Provides multiple display options for hierarchical fields, so users can easily view data for fields with parent-child relationships
  • Drag-and-drop edit for accurate, unique insights from rich visualizations
  • Provides a new way to derive insights from live data



Key Functionalities

  • New user interface designed for ease of use that allows drag and drop and filtering


Allows multi-level joins

  •  To join a record related to a joined record, click the Join Record icon in the related record header



  Workbook sharing

  •  Ability to share workbook with roles and/or employees



Undo/Redo Functionality

  • Undo/redo icons are available  to reverse your last action or reverse your last undo. Up to 20 actions can be undone



  • Create Custom Formula fields
  • User can create formula fields using fields and functions similar to existing formulas in saved searches
  • Syntax is validated



Single place for workbook management

  • Entry point provides a structured list of workbooks accessible to the user
  • Sections for recently opened, my workbooks, shared with me and standard workbooks
  • Section “Employee Workbooks” for Analytics Administrator


Rich data visualization using pivot and charts

  • Pivot – set up your table layout to create a pivot table using your source data
  • Chart – allows user to choose different chart types – column, bar, area, line



Audit trail and execution log

  • Audit Trail – displays changes made to each saved workbook in your account, including the date the change was saved and the user who saved it. Records for each saved workbook are stored indefinitely, or until the workbook is deleted
  • Execution Log – displays all queries executed in the past 30 days, including those from unsaved workbooks

Provides Sales Analytics workbook out of the box

  • SalesBy Workbook – uses the Sales Analytics record type as the root record for the workbook, which combines fields from multiple records
  • You must have full access to all the records referenced by the Sales Analytics record to properly use the SalesBy Workbook


We never hide anything from our customers at Elevate2 – we will always give you honest answers so it’s only fair to point out a few limitations with SuiteAnalytics Workbook:

  • Standard reports based on pre-built report definitions is not supported
  • Limited set of records and fields are currently available
  • Access to records in SuiteAnalytics Workbook depends on the permissions assigned to the role you use to log in to NetSuite, the center to which you log in, and the features enabled in your NetSuite account
  • By default, the Fields list only displays fields for one record at a time
  • Joined records do not automatically appear in the Fields list on the Criteria tab. To apply filters to related record fields, you must join the record on the Criteria tab even if it has already been joined on the Data tab
  • Sorting in pivot is not yet supported
  • Workbook must be saved before it can be shared
  • Sharing and saving a workbook is irreversible 

Of course, you can also make us of SuiteAnswers for more guidance where you’ll find training videos, documentation and other information on this great new tool. Please feel free to get in touch with us here at Elevate2 if you have any questions about SuiteAnalytics Workbook, or any aspect of NetSuite you can get in touch below:

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website: elevate2.com

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