29th April 2020 •

NetSuite Service Continuity – Ensuring Access to Your Data

Oracle NetSuite offers cloud-based solutions that are designed to be available 24×7 in data centers around the globe. The service allows customers to access their data and information from anywhere on the Internet. If the service becomes unavailable at one of the data centers, operations engineering teams will follow the corresponding Cloud Event Response and Recovery Plan based on the nature of the event. Each of these plans are designed to ensure reasonable, minimal disruption to customer business operations.



Data Center Design, Geography and Architecture NetSuite operates data centers to keep customer data in geographically relevant regions. Every account has a designated recovery data center. The data for each customer account is continuously replicated to their corresponding recovery data center. Each recovery data center is equipped with storage capacity to accommodate the customer data designated for replication into that location and has compute capacity to service the corresponding customer accounts.


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