14th May 2020 •

Google Maps and NetSuite

There a couple of notable introductions we can be thankful for from the year 2005. The most important of which (and of course you don’t need reminding of this) is Crazy Frog – the brilliant CGI created character and musician. A very close second comes Google Maps, prior to the introduction of which the only people who could navigate anywhere successfully were Marco Polo and James Cook. In 2020 it’s quite rare to hear someone say ‘Get lost’ to another person – as ‘getting lost’ is such an abstract reality – with Google Maps it’s virtually impossible to get lost in the modern world.

It’s hard to imagine life without Google Maps. Our younger readers (are there any?) would be shocked to read that before Google Maps, navigation was performed using maps made from paper. Let’s just let that sink in…

About Google Maps



Google Maps provides satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, real-time traffic conditions, 360° interactive panoramic views of streets, and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle, public transportation and even air!

How Google Maps benefits businesses

  • Businesses have long-since recognised how valuable Google Maps can be to operations
  • Google Maps lets you leverage local search queries to push information about your business to the fore
  • Google My Business allows you to list your business for free, letting you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps

See more here: Google My Business


Google Maps and NetSuite

  • Users can quickly map groups of customers and vendors on a google map in NetSuite
  • Customers can be mapped by saved search results or use your own criteria (eg sales rep, partner, country, postcode etc)
  • Maps can be tailored with colours to display project-specific data. For example, colour-coded maps can be used to signify the profit different customers produce
  • Markers in Google Maps will display a pop up with some company info and a link to the record
  • You can also map transactions – a sales representative could see a map result of all his or her sales and drill down into the transactions for more detail

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