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ERP Implementation and Customer Service

You might be wondering how an ERP implementation might affect customer service. Firstly, I think we can all agree on the importance of excellent customer service to any business with aspirations to be successful. Poor customer service is often the key driver for underperformance; a bad customer experience will not only lose you that particular customer, but also affect your reputation and reduce your potential for winning new business. It is now fair to say that the products and services you offer are only as good as the customer service you provide with them.


Whilst it’s all too easy to blame disinterested staff when a service fails to meet your expectations, often many of the difficulties encountered by businesses can be attributed to outdated legacy systems that were designed for employees, not customers. A modern ERP implementation will remove silos in your business, allowing different departments to communicate with each other seamlessly, using the same up-to-date information. This will benefit the business, making its employees’ lives easier, but most importantly, make doing business easier for customers too.

The Benefits of a Sound ERP Implementation

One of the easiest ways to upset a customer is with late delivery. A modern ERP implementation integrates different departments, ensuring manufacturing, sales, inventory and shipping all have access to the same data; meaning stock levels are known and delivery dates are more predictable.

An increase in the transparency of data will also prevent ordering excess inventory, as well as making scheduling manpower easier. Any savings made from the resulting efficiencies can be passed on to customers via price reductions – resulting in an even happier clientele!

More accurate data can also prevent unexpected issues too. When separate departments are using disparate systems there’s no guarantee that customer data is up-to-date, allowing for customer orders to be shipped to previous addresses and other similarly irritating problems. Invest in a suitable ERP system and when a customer gives a sales advisor their new address, the system is updated and all departments will have access to the correct information.

Allowing all employees access to the most up-to-date data can also help with handling customer queries without the need to pass customers between departments. Previous interactions will be visible to all staff, allowing the business to amass details of the buying habits of individual customers – crucial for targeted promotions, or rewarding regular customers with tailored offers.

Investing in a good ERP system is crucial if you value your customers, but the advantages don’t end there. You will benefit from efficiency savings, reduced costs, scalability, regulatory compliance, data security and easier reporting to name just a few. Here at Elevate2, we have highly skilled consultants with experience in helping management teams get the right systems in place to grow their businesses.

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