15th September •

7 Actions Businesses Need to Take Now – Your Playbook as the Economy Reopens

The economy is experiencing a major shock as a result of the biological crisis. With the mandatory shelter-in-place requirements, every organization has weathered some level of interruption to its business activity. As the economy begins to reopen, every business is going to need to reassess its situation across a number
of different factors. Fortune favors the bold, and in order to get through this crisis, organizations must take decisive action.

NetSuite has interviewed, surveyed and researched hundreds of organizations in March and April 2020. We have looked at companies ranging from the smallest
businesses to the largest. We’ve examined nearly every industry with a particular focus on manufacturing, wholesale distribution, retail, technology, service providers and nonprofits. While no list can be comprehensive, the NetSuite Brainyard research team has aggregated the questions and steps being taken by the best run and most agile organizations. This playbook is designed to be a checklist for business leaders so they can take action and move their organizations forward.

Download the whole playbook for free here (no email required): 7 Actions Businesses Need to Take Now


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