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2019 Professional Services Automation Buyer’s Guide

Professional Services Automation (PSA) Buyer’s Guide by Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite pioneered the Cloud Computing revolution in 1998, establishing the world’s first company dedicated to delivering business applications over the internet. Today, Oracle NetSuite provides a suite of cloud-based financials / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), HR, omni-channel commerce, and PSA software that runs the business of companies in more than 100 countries.
NetSuite OpenAir’s fully scalable PSA software is the market leader. Whether you have 10 employees or 10,000, OpenAir can help optimise your business and your bottom line. OpenAir allows customers to decrease non-billable bench time, improve project management, automate billing and invoicing processes, and boost revenue and profitability reporting.

Table of Contents includes:
The Professional Services Marketplace
What is Professional Services Automation?
What Problems Does PSA Solve?
Who Needs PSA?
The Benefits of PSA
PSA Modules
Additional Modules
PSA Integration is Important
The Case for PSA
What to Look for from a PSA Provider
PSA Differentiators
Additional Considerations
PSA Selection Process
OpenSymmetry Upgrades to NetSuite for Integrated ERP, PSA and CRM
Conclusions and Recommendations
About Service Performance Insight


In a business climate driven by technology, disruption and skilled talent shortages, professional services (PS) organizations must themselves become technology-enabled. In the past, PS technology use was confined to operations and service execution. It now has become mandatory, extending virtual workspaces, enhancing collaboration and knowledge sharing, providing the basis for effective recruiting, hiring and employee engagement, and furnishing the tools for planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysing.

High Performing services organisations have deployed integrated business applications across all aspects of the business, giving them unprecedented visibility and control to see and take advantage of business opportunities in real-time. In the services sector, technology use has become a strategic imperative to exploit globalisation and drive market growth. Barriers to entry are being lowered as faster, nimbler, more technology-savvy firms seize top clients and markets. In this climate, new entrants focused on niches, specific functions and under-served constituents can quickly grow and make an impact on larger, more entrenched players. At the same time, consultants are demanding easy-to-use, contextual, socially aware systems which mimic the applications they use in their personal lives. Mobile is no longer a nice to have, it has become a strategic imperative to reach an increasingly global and virtual client base and workforce.

The growth engine of the world’s economy has shifted from manufacturing to project-based, people-centric services businesses. These businesses rely on Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions to manage service execution. These solutions automate core business processes such as quote-to-cash, resource management, project management, time capture and billing, and provide the real-time visibility necessary to improve organisational efficiency and effectiveness.




Download the full guide below:

This PSA Buyer’s Guide provides an overview of important trends, business processes, selection criteria and the business impact of PSA to help project- and services-based businesses evaluate and choose PSA applications, which will provide the level of insight, management and control needed to improve productivity and profitability.



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